Have you ever wanted to wield the unstoppable power of science in a white knuckle (and white lab-coated) ride to create life, no matter the cost?
Well now you can. In card game form.

Monster Lab is a card game where you play the role of a Mad Scientist collecting spare parts and putting them together to make THOUSANDS of combinations of weird and wonderful Monsters.

Ever wanted to make a Stupid Drunken Ogre Baby? Now it’s no problem.
How about a Bearded Fire Breathing Catzilla? Done.
Or a Ferocious, Incredibly Strong Rainbow Unicorn? Easy.

In MONSTER LAB the world is your crazy, maniacal oyster.

Simply collect cards from the deck, and when you have a top, middle and bottom part that fit together – Presto! One Godless Monster Hybrid. And you’re on your way to winning the game.

Along the way there’s plenty of ways to screw over your fellow Mad Scientists, from using a Grave Robber, or giving them a Bat to the Face or Sabotaging their Monsters, and a bunch of ways to stop them doing it to you.

You’re aiming to be have the best lab in the land by building the highest scoring collection of Monsters before the resident MONSTER HUNTERS
that lie in wait for you run you out of town and end your game!