In Monster Lab, you play as a Mad Scientist out to create the weirdest, wildest and most powerful bunch of Monsters in town. To do that, you must collect Spare Parts and use them to build your fantastic creations! Construct a Ferocious Mind Reading Mega Squid, a Disgustingly Cute Shotgun Wielding Were-Rabbit, or Tiny the Laid Back Barbarian King. Create whatever your heart desires*. There’s literally THOUSANDS of potential creatures waiting to come out of the Monster Lab. *The heart must desire a combination of what’s written on the cards…. But Beware! Your rivals will try to thwart your every move with things like Lab Accidents, Sabotage and the infamous Mine-otaur, and Monster Hunters lie in wait to destroy your Monsters and run you out of town.

Build Monsters. Smash Monsters.
May the Maddest Scientist Win.


Monster Lab Lite – The New, Simplified way to play Monster Lab. Discover the rules you unlocked by achieving Kickstarter Stretch Goals in the video BELOW!

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